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About  the name: Don Manolo
I believe Don Manolo center it's potential around the promise that
intelligent products, systems, and services are tools that possess an
incredible enabling ‘power’ in the hands of a user. DM focuses on a
point of sale and concepts that are closely tied to the user.The ability
of the user to take full advantage of the power of new intelligent
products, systems, and services depends on the intensity and quality
of the interaction between ‘man’ and ‘computers’.

In order to realize this vision of people interacting closely with intelligent
products, we choose this strategy:

a) Ruby/Gnome as GUI Interface
b) Ruby on Rails as Web administration interface

The first version  started in the town of Mexico City 5 years ago. In one
year, it spread to five mexican states. The second version is five times
more complex, no doubt that its potential is five times more powerful ,
DM  is a clear example of FLOSS enabling innovation within public
organizations and its benefits to the local economy.


- Work with barcode reader
- Several payment types
- Sale summary
- Ticket Log
- Product quantity/quantity types (gr)
- Inventory / Product independent manag.
- Quantity Management
- Stock level
- Web Administration
- Shopping list

Features progressing:

1. General Ledger
2. Orders and Invoicing
3. Delivery

Flash movies :
- Admin interface


Admin items


Shopping list

Admin categories


-Ruby (1.8)
-Ruby on Rails (1.2.3)
--Rupport & Gruff

Windows users?

Yes, is working on WINXP 



Quick Install:

$untar donmanolo01.tar.gz
$cd donmanolo
$mysqladmin create dmstore
$mysql dmstore < donmanolo/sql/dmstore.sql


edit $/INSTALLPATH/donmanolo/lib/ProxyDb.rb
and $/INSTALLPATH/donmanolo/admin/config/database.yml

DM - User : admin & Password : admin

To start POS :  
cd $/INSTALLPATH/donmanolo
ruby Main.rb

To start Admin Interface :
cd $/INSTALLPATH/donmanolo/admin/
ruby script/server
then : $BROWSER http://localhost:3000

License :


Author :

Enrique Meza C

That's all folks!.